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Vital three points for seconds

Once again the 2s grapple with the robust lady at the mic, wrestle her to the ground and demand she stops with the warm-up arpeggios as they take one foot off the trap door with a high quality, comin’ from behind, 2-1 win (regardless of what the “fake news” Ulster Hockey site says) over the unrelegatable Garvey 3s.

One some ethereal plane Mary Whitehouse quakes with indignation that Jamie Orr’s X-rated skills are allowed to be put on display in front of, let alone be perpetrated by, a teenager and in a parallel retail orientated dimension the on sabbatical phone peddler Tatey can rest easy knowing his legacy lives on in the form of aneurism inducing Jack Bond outrages against the noble art of “sticking it in the onion bag”. Hauled off for a quick hug and some recalibration from 2s trombone enthusiast Steven McGimpsey, the aforementioned Mr Bond returned to the fray to coolly slot home mano-a-mano with the Garvey keeper for the win.

All good stuff, and it ain’t over yet. Next week sees the 2s play twice in 3 days. Wednesday night it’s the unbeaten superstars of yesteryear, Garvey 2s at home (seeing as their 3s no longer present a challenge) followed by league second-besters Bann away on Friday night.

PMB Man of the Match: Jamie Orr

Report from Stephen Magee.

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