Boys Under 13 and Under 11 Blitz Day at Ballynahinch

Boys Under 11s report.

On an almost warm day at Hinch both (yes 2 teams!) teams had a great day of hockey. Some great skills on show and both teams had some really great results against tough opposition. Thanks to NDHC for their support, Claire and Jonny Smyth for the photos and to the parents for bringing the boys each week.

Boys Under 13s report.

The U13s followed on from where the U11s finished off and had a great afternoon of hockey. With the U13 ranks swelling this season we were able to field 2 teams, the ND ‘Blues’ had a ‘getting the band back together’ feel about it, as there was a core of boys that have played together for a few years now. They have been buoyed with the addition of a number of new members. Our Reds team had a number of younger and new to hockey players but this didn’t stop their dominance in some matches. In other matches where they may have been up against a more skillful team they still showed an almost impregnable defensive show, at times without a keeper!

The Blues had a great run through the various teams culminating with a last match vs Antrim. That match turned into a bit of a MMA show from Antrim, one umpire seemingly ambivalent about the issue the other wishing he had brought his cards (for U13 matches that idea seemed unnecessary!). It was a tight contest with end to end action, no goals for the 12 minutes but ND had a goal disallowed right on the final whistle – so one team went home with a 0-0 scoreline and the other team took a 1-0 victory.  As always thanks to the club, to the parents for bringing their boys (and their vocal support!). Thanks to Jonny Smyth (Claire) again and the other Clare Smith for coordinating and keeping the parents updated. On behalf of the coaches I’d like to thank the parents for their comments and support on the WhatsApp groups.


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