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Shannon hat trick for seconds

A 4-2 win. We rumble on undefeated. Rescued, against all odds and reason, by a Buddha hat trick.

A first half of purest pantaloons that left the crowd embarrassed to be caught watching it, followed by a half time of Irwin weapons-grade hairdryer, resulting in a second half that left the crowd thinking they could maybe live with the first half provided no one ever brings it up again in company. Unfortunately the Buddha-trick now makes that impossible. Even now he’s probably waxing lyrical up at the club, still in his kit avoiding washing for fear of washing off the magic.

Anyway, who cares?! I’ve suffered a loss. My beloved stick went walkabout from the Cricket Club this evening. Manufactured by Adidas, she has green and black livery with a heavily customised yellow grip. Answers to the name of Alice and once you are under her spell you are liable to attempt lobs and backhand shots when you really should know better (I always own up Adgey!). My only hope is that the sticky fingered ragamuffins who have her now will wander too close to some netting because if they do, on todays form, the Buddha will find it.

I’m off to weep into my Martin Miller.

Thanks to Jim Patterson for umpiring. BTW Jim, Scott Moore is doing well. He’s off the ventilator and should be back on solids in the next few weeks.

Report by Stevie Magee.

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