Comfortable win for ladies fifths

Feeling confident after a strong pre season, North Down fifths hosted Owls thirds last Saturday at Regent House School.

The confidence looked to have been misplaced though as they made little headway against their visitors in the first quarter and the second wasn’t any better as the game petered to a 0-0 halt at half time.

Eventually North Down were able to capitalise from a corner with the initial strike from Hilary West going to Lynsey Scott on left post who deflected it in. More goals soon followed.  The second from a corner strike by veteran West, the third from an excellent run by Laura Murray and the fourth goal after good stick work by Sara Moreland passing to a determined Kenzie Fisher on the left who made no mistake.

There was only one scare for the home defence when a wayward pass left keeper Linda Marshall exposed but she saved well and the final score eventually ran out at a comfortable 4-0.

Burch Autos Player of the Match was Kenzie Fisher

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