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And next for a grilling is last year’s ladies 5th XI captain Cara McConnell!

When and where did you first play hockey?

I first played hockey when Whytey coached for the minis on a Sunday afternoon for North Down. But I wasn’t very good because I took the meaning of ‘Spread out’ literally and stood at the other end of the pitch.

Have you played for any other hockey clubs?

I have played for Regent House from First Year until Lower 6th.

 How long have you been at North Down?

I joined the minis at aged 7, but started with the under 13s in First Year so that’s about 7 years in total.

Do you have any personal ambitions in hockey?

To get my Level 1 Coaching grade.  I have completed the taster coaching because I coach the under 11s on a Sunday, but would like to get my Level 1 Coaching once I turn 18.

What has been your best moment at North Down?

Captaining the 5th this last year. It has shown me how much planning goes into a hockey match. RIP my organisational skills!

Who has been your favourite player to play with at North Down and why?

Linda Marshall, she is a legend especially when she swears at you. Then you know it was a good shot.

What is your least favourite team to play against?

Ballyclare. When I played for the 4s up there it was sooo cold I got wind burn lines where my skin guards stopped.

 Who in your North Down team would you want, and who not, on your quiz team?

Kathy Taylor – as she knows a lot about nothing (as I learnt when I spent 3 weeks with her in Peru).  I wouldn’t want Caitlin Taylor, as she would only fight with her mum.

Do you follow a particular football team?

No. I have no interest in football

What other sports are you interested in and do you play any other sports?

I enjoy skiing and have been the last three years. I used to do tennis, Irish dancing and gymnastics, but I learnt at a young age I wasn’t cut out for much lol.

What is your favourite personal sporting moment and a favourite all time sporting one?

Personal – Getting the 5ths Player of the Year last year. Favourite all time one was being at the 2012 Olympics.

What is the best holiday you have ever had?

Last summer spending 3 weeks in Peru with Campus International.

 Where is your ideal holiday location?

New Zealand – because you can surf and ski all in the one day .

What type of music do you like?

Dolly Parton every time

What is your favourite TV programme?

Ru Paul’s Drag Race

 What is your favourite movie?

Monty Python’s Life of Brian. I just get the humour.

 Have you a favourite book you have read again?

I don’t read lol, I wait for the movie coming out.

 What is your favourite food and drink?

McDonald’s as Linda Marshall will confirm every Saturday after away matches.

Full cream, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk?

I am lactose intolerant

 If you could invite four people, living or dead, to a dinner party who would they be?

Dolly of course, Kenny Rogers so they can sing islands in the Stream for me, ABBA and Lizzo

What have you been doing to stay fit during the coronavirus break?

Running and walking.

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