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All North Down members are now on the Hockey Ireland GO Membership System.  The initial requested download of information for last season’s members required DOB and email address only.  For those who have recently joined or have been transferred in from other clubs there was also a requirement for a postal address.  As we do not ask for this information from our members a fictional address for new members was entered onto the ‘GO’ system.  We would now ask all members, and obviously those new this season, to go onto the Hockey Ireland site and update their ‘Basic Details’ in ‘My profile’.

The website is , click on MEMBERSHIP on the top line to connect to the ‘GO’ system.  Your username is your email address and this might be a good time to review your password.  Make a note of your membership number as you will need this in the future we guess.  Update and save your ‘BASIC DETAILS’ in ‘MY PROFILE’.

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