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The first, not for those faint of heart or short of attention, sentence of the 3s match report reports that the eventually 10 man 3s staggered to a 2-2 thrashing of an in the autumn bordering on mild early winter of their careers Garvey 4s despite the mild mannered Clarke Kent-like Aaron Saunders suffering a full on Superman 3 peanut flicking meltdown resulting in his surgical removal from the action by real life full time saw-bones and part time Garvey whistle jockey Dr Johnny (I kid you not) Cash flashing the full traffic lights at the aforementioned journo/kryptonian demi-god. Mr Saunders records for future reference that most umpires dislike being told where and when they can attempt to pass on their genetic influence to future generations.

The second altogether shorter sentence reports that Magee scored with his only meaningful touch of the game and that Robbie Sinclair recovered from a life threatening ball to stick to nose grand slam to massage home the second after some real seat driver advice to “shoot” upon entering the circle.

There’s a 2s report knocking around as well, it has stuff about heroic fight backs from 3-0 to 3-3 only to lose 5-3. Bits and pieces about Jonny Moore being mistaken for Scott Moore and being kicked from pillar to post in full ScoMo style. Some claptrap about Shea Kelly bursting from the halfway line and scoring (he did). Derision at Stephen Dalzell missing a virtual open net with the game teetering at 1-0 (also true). And then there’s a bit about Josh Gilmore turning the entire Garvey defence inside out and sending one into the roof of the onion bag from the edge of the D. Or did he just roll it into an empty net? Discuss below…

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