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Two for Lynsey in Friday night win

The North Down ladies 4XI squad travelled to Deramore on Friday night to play their return fixture against Belfast Harlequins 5XI. Without the leadership of skipper Jo Irwin, an eclectic mix of youth and experience took to the field.

In the first few minutes, Harlequins threatened the North Down defence, but sweeper Maxine Taylor kept things tight at the back, to the frustration of the Harlequins forwards. North Down then took possession and with some well worked passes, Lynsey Stevenson opened the scoring. The visitors continued to dominate and put the Harlequins team under pressure, with the midfielders keeping the opposition in their toes. A textbook pass from Lynsey Stevenson found Kirsty Mccrory, who effortlessly slotted the ball home.

Following a period of end to end play, Harlequins won a couple of penalty corners which they were unable to convert due to North Down’s strong defence. Ann Mcbride, Emma Johnston and Julie Fisher continued to keep the home team on their toes, and were finally rewarded when the ball found Lynsey Stevenson, who put the visitors 3-0 up just before half time.

Harlequins came out much stronger in the second half, winning a number of penalty corners which were all cleared by Maxine Taylor and goalkeeper Linda Marshall and eventually scored from open play. Both teams continued to have a number of chances further into the second half but neither managed to score. North Down continued to hassle the opposing team, finishing the match with a penalty corner, but the score remained 3-1.

Many thanks to Moe Emerson for umpiring!

Joint players of the match – Lynsey Stevenson & Hilary West

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