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Mens seconds held at home by Bann

An entertaining end-to-end eight goal thriller today for the 2s versus Bann where we snatched a point from the drooling false-toothed jaws of madame victory! Our first points dropped this season but ironically one of our better performances.

Goal of the Day? The Scott Moore bobbler almost kept out by the paint on the line. “Sounds pants!” you say. True, but the decision making in the build up was top drawer and even better because it involved several of our more notoriously “inventive” compadres.

Pass of the Day? A Chris Speers 40 metre ripping curve ball around the Bann defence to an unmarked middle-aged and humungus-hangover-nursing forward to score.

The Barnes Wallis Award for Technical Innovation? The bonkers Allen Irwin corner push outs. Lock up your dams, here comes another one!

Taking Advantage of Two Home Umpires? Naughty Andrew Boyd! Breaking down Bann breakaways with lead pipe cruelty.

Proctology? Mark Shannon. There’s no finer sight in hockey than the Buddha in all his fully out of control madness. Weaving all over the pitch from right back to left wing, trailing smoke all the way. It took 4 or 5 of them to finally bring him down!

Draft Dodger? Kai Jenkins! Again! He will be mine.

Disinformation? Keith Conway. “He always goes low Ben!”. High. Goal.

Save of the Day (and thank your chosen deity that there was one)?Benjamin Bond! After being on the pointy end of one of the best drag-flickers in the league for most of the game Mr Bond could have let the Skyfall on him with the Spectre of an unmarked Bann striker mid circle but he kept his head and can take a Quantum of Solace knowing he made an excellent game saving save in the dying minutes with score locked at 4-4. If I where him and he was a little older I’d get some gin, vodka and Kina Lillet mix it all up for a Vesper, you know from Casino Royale. BOOM!

Thanks to Pete “Whytey” Whyte and Jim Patterson for umpiring and the two subs for saving us from no-sub depression.

Editor’s note.  Second hat trick of the season from S Magee!


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