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Two from Dalzell as seconds cruise it!

Beelzebub eyes encroaching cold front and doubles down on woolly hat futures, porcine-kind finish Biggles read-a-thon and throw chocs to the four winds.

Meanwhile away from the ethereal plain, Big Massey rustles around the dugout for his elusive mojo before being lured onto the pitch with a strategically placed interesting looking camshaft deposited at left midfield and up front the nomadic rehabilitated Blue is the Colour Twit (“twit”, of course, being left-associative) Forrest (“A”, also left-associative and distinct from the “S” variety) pots from millimetres against former task masters while beardy micro-hulk Dalzell shows a range of predatory skills to bag one from the edge and another off a Conway, reason-defying but effective, open play outside the 25 drag-flick.

And if all that isn’t enough Jonathan Davidson assures Michelle that lips will stay sealed as long as the Big B does the results…


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