Annual Subscriptions

Senior Playing Member £230.00 £200.00
Under 21 Member £200.00 £180.00
Resident Student Member £170.00 £150.00
Junior Member (Under 18 on 1 Oct 20) £140.00 £120.00
Minor Member (Under 15 on 1 Oct 20)  £100.00
Youth Member (Under 11 on 1 Jan 21)  £90.00
Family Membership (*) £370.00 £350.00
Non Playing Member  £40.00

Update in February 2021.  The subscriptions table above was obviously in anticipation of a normal season and the rates reflected the early finish to the previous season.

Ulster Hockey has now confirmed that the current season has effectively been abandoned.  Our costs for the season to date have been £12,800 approx and these do not include a request for payment from Ulster Hockey by the end of March 2021 of a further £9,000 for affiliation fees to both Ulster Hockey and Hockey Ireland.  By the time that hockey was suspended in mid October 2020 a number of our adult members, 15 years and over, had paid their full subscriptions, the majority however had not.

This issue has been reviewed on a monthly basis at General Committee meetings as one of the ‘set in stone’ standards of our Club is that all members are treated equally and fairly.  The consensus at the meeting in February was that all adult members should pay a fee for the current season of £40.  Those who have already paid in full will have the appropriate credit carried forward to next season.  We would hope that all our members will make this payment by the end of March 2021 at the latest.  If no payment is made, £40 will be added to the member’s next season’s subscription.  We appreciate there will be anomalies such as students leaving for or returning from university etc  and these will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Even if there is a full payment of the £40 fee there will still be a substantial shortfall in the Club’s finances not only this season but also a significant shortfall next season due to the credit sums carried forward from full payers this season and we are pursuing a number of opportunities for emergency grant funding. The Club is not in the business of asking for money when it is not needed but this has been a difficult time for everyone and we ask our members to appreciate the unprecedented position we are currently in.

Please pay electronically directly into our bank account.  Sort code 98-04-45, a/c 64788082 ensuring that your payment can be identified to you.

Chris Revill



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