Ladies countdown continues

Laura Clarke reports …………………… Well that’s it, the last training session before the final but also our last training session of the 2013/14 season. It has been a strange experience playing until mid April and seeing the clocks go full circle. The last couple of weeks have had the pre season feel about them with it still being bright daylight at the start of the session, plus being able to shed our coats and hats!!

I have a weird sense of excitement but a tinge of sadness too. Excited because I know the next time I play hockey it will be in the main event but also sad because then I know the season is over. I have to say this is without a shadow of a doubt the most enjoyable season I have had playing 1st XI hockey. Obviously the cup run plays a part in that but the personalities and the people have made it what it is. Even though 30 is still quite a way off for me I know that a lot of the girls think I am a right old fart and I suppose I am compared to them. As an example after the quarter final victory Tasha Adamson said to me with genuine concern “Clarkie I am worried you might not get into Box tonight, I once saw them turning someone away because they were too old” Me – “I think it will be alright Tasha, I would be more worried about the fact that you aren’t even 18 haha”.

It is like a big family, I don’t have any sisters but when I think about it I suppose I have loads. I spend more time with these girls than I do my own brother as he lives in Scotland. Spending that much time with people you can’t help but grow attached to them even when they sing in a tone that sounds worse than the strangulation of a cat…guess who that is girls?! Davy has the patience of a Saint with us and I know we do his head in but I am sure if we win on Saturday all will be forgiven. A little extra incentive is that if we win he has promised to NEVER mention his Burney Cup win in 1825 and the TWO goals he scored in the final. He showed us the oil painting of them with the trophy (the camera had not been invented) and he had a rather smashing pair of “curtains”, what a haircut!! See attached for an action shot from that game! All joking aside this is a really special group of players who are all great people and have already exceeded all expectations for this season in terms of hockey. It will be a privilege and an honour to lead them out onto that pitch on Saturday.

Before I sign off I just want to say all the very best to the boys 1sts in their Premier League play off. All the girls will be up to support and we hope you can do the business. Until the next time keep her between the hedges!

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