Under 13 Girls’ Blitz at South Antrim

Sunday was a perfect day for our girls’ U13s to play in their blitz at South Antrim. The sun was shining on such a beautiful crisp autumn afternoon and our girls were bursting with smiles and enthusiasm wanting to jump out onto the pitch to score some goals.

On pitch one our 1s played against Bangor 1s, Saintfield 1s, Ards 1s & 2s and Ballynahinch 1s. Several draws with one win against Saintfield score 1-0, goal from Caitlin Shields.

We had two teams competing on pitch 2 starting off by playing against each other which was a fun start (thank goodness that was a draw 1-1), then against South Antrim 2s & 3s, Bangor 2s & 3s and Ards 3s. Goals from Scarlett Dowson, Alex Allen, Jessica Crossen.

Amy & Ava were our goalies but we needed another – Lara Greene very kindly volunteered to strap on the pads – but felt it only fair to choose another girl to split the role with Lara. JD thought of a game which was whoever was furthest from his age became the next keeper. Well let’s just say there were several large numbers shouted out which gave us all a giggle but Lois Brooks was the furthest with a guess of 12 years older that what JD is (his true age could not be verified so maybe Lois was correct after all lol) Anyway Lois was a great sport and dressed in the keeper’s kit and gave it a super go.

All of our girls were simply awesome but feel we must mention on pitch 1 – Eva Patton, who has discovered her true calling in defence. Eva communicated well with her team and was pivotal in switching the play and placing the ball into the gaps for the mid fielders to run onto.

On pitch 2 – Kady Moore for her well timed super strong clearances in defence and beautiful skills and teamwork from a very determined forward line Nina Crawford, Phoebe Campbell and Scarlett Dowson all showing their hunger to add to the scoreboard.

Massive thanks to our merry team of coaches Keri Portinga, Claire Shields and Jonathan Davidson. We all thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were super proud of all our girls.

Many thanks to our very supportive band of parents and friends cheering from the sidelines.

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