And now it’s the turn of ……………. AMY KIMBER!

This season’s ladies top goal scorer and regular first eleven fixture Amy Kimber aka AJ is next in the profile series.  Thanks AJ for taking part.  Next one on the list is a men’s third eleven player!

When and where did you first play hockey?

I started playing hockey at Sullivan Upper school in year 8, almost 7 years ago!

Have you played for any other hockey clubs?

Yes! I started off at Bangor Ladies Hockey club where my younger sister played and my dad coaches at before moving after u15 level to North Down HC.

How long have you been at North Down?

I have now been at North Down for three seasons, starting there at 15!

Do you have any personal ambitions in hockey?

In my dreams I would like to play in Holland or USA but realistically the goal would be to play in the Premier League again.

What has been your best moment at North Down?

My best memory hockey wise has to be becoming club top goal scorer this season, social wise it would have to be the dinner dance last year!

Who has been your favourite player to play with at North Down and why?

Has to be Caitlin Taylor! Always strong and composed at the back and you feel safe as a player when she has the ball. She also can play in any position which is a bonus!

What is your least favourite team to play against?

Has to be *********! Can you guess what team? Clue: Situated close to the north coast.

Do you follow a particular football team?

I do not! I’m more of a rugby spectator. Any suggestions for a football team to follow would be appreciated! (Editor’s note – can’t do any better than Manchester’s reds!)

What other sports are you interested in and do you play any other sports?

I compete in athletics also, the Discus mainly. Fun fact: I’m ranked number 1 in Northern Ireland for Womens’ Discus.

What is your favourite personal sporting moment and a favourite all time sporting one?

My favourite personal sporting moment would have to be going to the UK Schools Games twice! A favourite all time sporting moment was watching Usain Bolt win the London 2012 Olympics on the tele whilst also being in London at the time!

What is the best holiday you have ever had?

Definitely has to be to Florida in America with my family. I’m a sucker for big roller coasters so I really enjoyed the theme parks like Universal Studios.

What is your favourite TV programme?

It has to be In for a Penny by Stephen Mulhern on a Saturday night! Funniest programme I have watched!

What is your favourite movie?

It would have to be between The Avengers or The divergent films. I’ve watched so many movies that it’s hard to pick just one.

What is your favourite food and drink?

My favourite food would have to be Indian and my favourite drink is an American style Oreo milkshake.

Full cream, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk?

It has to be semi-skimmed, green lid all the way.

What have you been doing during Quarantine?

I had been doing a lot of sleeping and eating during the beginning of quarantine. I now have been working at the COVID-19 test centre in Belfast as part as the mobile testing unit. I’ve really enjoyed working there and it is great to be a part of something so special!

What have you been doing to stay fit during the coronavirus break?

I have been attempting to do runs during the week. I started off with 5KM runs but then I found this difficult so I started doing shorter distances like 3KM at a higher intensity. I also have been doing Chloe Ting workouts.

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