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Seconds victory over Inst, apparently!

The seconds return to winning ways handing out a brutal lead pipe Tonya Harding style beating to their fellow skating foes, the genetically stagnant Master Race despite the participation of a dynamic goal prevention duo in the shape of the couldn’t hit the back of a cow with a banjo Orr boys.

Two goals from the rusty minstrel Tom Myles showing that he has some slick hockey skills to exhibit when he’s not breaking thumbs and/or expertly strumming/blowing/thumping things or whatever it is he gets up to when he’s not available. Think Jamie but with the obviously optional targeting system or maybe Mike with the same upgrade and, crucially, holding the stick the right way around.

One super sleazy X-rated keeper career ending effort from Ross “Too diverse a genetic heritage so I had to leave the Master Race” Blair.

And finally Andy McKee extending his one goal streak to two with a deft lob over the haplessly prostrate Inst GK after all other options had been evaluated, tested, discussed in committee and ultimately rejected as being “too easy”.

Tune in next week as Mark Linter returns with tales of the seconds trip outside of the greater Belfast urban conurbation to deepest darkest Banbridge.

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