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Seconds implode at Garvey

Hockey historians are furiously combing the records for instances of teams going from winning a league to getting relegated from it the following season as the seconds embroil themselves in their own personal The Empire Strikes Back and continue their imploding ways, this time on the wrong end of an imbalanced 13 goal horror story versus a threadbare, ripe for the taking in the good old days, Garvey seconds outfit.

If David Adgey had been there the report would have been one word again, but probably one more at home further down the digestive tract than tripe and also one that probably couldn’t be reproduced on the mainly family friendly NDHC Facebook page.

Another dark day for the seconds in a sample of two consisting of performances starting from last week.

But hold the front page! A 10-3, result revealed at last, thrashing brightened by a sweeping move from right sided dynamic duo of Robbie Sinclair and the remains of a late 1990s edition forward, the Robster supplies the “dynamic”, the late 90s forward’s presence upgrades the Robster presence to a “duo”, to give the aforementioned Rob-a-roo, one of them will stick, his first goal for the club. Every cloud and all that.  Other goals from Phil Wilson and Mark Shannon.

Next week – Garvey thirds.  The week after…wait for it…Garvey seconds again in the Irish Junior Cup. We have them where we want them – complacent! Just like us.


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