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Boyd stars but seconds league woes continue!

A fantastic performance by the 2s against Mossley 2nds on Saturday probably our best of the season.

The attitude was spot on. The team play was “monsta”. The work rate was fantastic – even the usually economical Mockford ran himself into the ground. Literally. When he hit the deck late in the second half the Japanese whaling fleet massing off the Ards peninsula went immediately to a high state of readiness. Luckily a group of passing Greenpeace activists with buckets of water managed to keep him cool until we got him hoisted back onto his feet.

Anyway, It’s a been a while since anyone has been deserving of a Man of the Match award but yesterday we had multiple candidates – Paul Adgey if for nothing else other than finally accepting his centre midfield commission or maybe our own Mr. Furious Steven McGimpsey for another rage filled free roaming passionate performance. But, if I have to pick one person I think I’ll pick silent assassin Andrew Boyd for he was awesome. Not only did have his best game yet for the 2s but he edges out his veteran team mates in two other areas – he finished the game (Adgey knee implosion!) and he didn’t feel the need to hurl allegations of industrial scale ingestion of hallucinogenics at volunteer umpire Keith Conway (McGimpsey you rascal).

All good! Except…we didn’t actually win. Three moments of barking madness consigned us to a 3-1 defeat accelerating our headlong dive into Junior 2 which at this moment looks like it will have the heavily armed 3s sitting waiting for us.

Who can save us now? Flash maybe (Ah-ahhhh!)? That bloke with the beard? Tune in next week…

Thanks to Keith Conway for umpiring. Just say “no” Keith.

Report by Stevie Magee.

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