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Rodgers stars in seconds 5 in 5 win

Notwithstanding eleventh hour selection hokey-cokey, related chronic Dalzell winter “frustration” and frankly reckless disregard for time keeping nothing can prevent the 2s descent into predictability as they fire up their favorite distro and do a “%s/Master/One Horse/g” on the “Master Race” to make it five from five with a chilly 3-1 win away to Inst.

Goal scorers will have to leave humility aside and claim their notches in the comments below because I can’t remember, (A Forrest 2, S Forrest 1.).  But, let no one be in any doubt that Darren Rodgers knocked it out the park tonight and if such a thing still exists he would almost certainly, given a free vote, nab PMB Man of the Match. How times change, only last week in Zimbabwe it was predicted he’d come third behind Bob and Grace.

Thanks to Andy Walls for operating the whistle and locking horns with the infamously recalcitrant Andy Rose and also to our merry band of Coors Lite rascals and assorted others who are duty bound not to offer any opinion on what they observed tonight. The official ready-for-consumption-at-selection line is “Meh, they did alright. Got lucky really”.

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