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Kilkeel comeback fight just fails, apparently!

Behold the gruesome Frankentwos, forged on WhatsApp and given life by a last minute Friday night Facebook APB.

Take your standard common or garden 2s, remove 4 parts Saturday workers, 3 parts chocolatiers, 3 parts no-explanation-forthcoming unavailablers, add some vacationing man-with-a-fork-in-a-world-of-soup Bryn Walker, a sprinkling of timeshare twoser Ben Willis, a delightful sprig of debutant Mark Simpson, a pinch of mutually exclusive forwards and back from injury Wookie, the mighty kinesio-embalmed Stu-bacca, and you have a beast that shouldn’t live but wants to live!

4-0 down early in the 2nd half this mutant stitched together chimera bawled “Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful” and proceeded to claw it back to 4-4, and for 5 glorious minutes lead 5-4, much to the displeasure of the pitchfork, torch wielding local support only to concede twice in the last 10 to go down fighting 6-5.

It was a soul suckin’ nightmare pulling a team together this week, even with the help of Ross Linter’s mentoring on the selection process (“and so on” etc.), but, boy, was it worth it. The Frankentwos put the “club” in club today. Well done boys, we’re too good to go down.

Thanks to all the guys who pitched in at the last minute, and to travelling umpire and ambulance driver Andy “Judge Dredd” Walls. He is, frankly, The Law.

It’s South Antrim next Friday, so get those hammys sorted, backs fixed, ankles set and significant others shipped off to spa days. It’s a big one.

Report from Stevie Magee.

X ray courtesy of Peter Shields’ left ankle.



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