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Mens seconds run continues

Forget the Force Awakening, The Tatey Awakens! By now other Junior 2 teams will be on DEFCON1 after another Tate performance likened by Al Irwin to watching a piece of sodium fizzing around a bowl of water.

Speaking of Al – our own Mr Furious, fuelled by his boundless displeasure at sloppy passing, crappy first touch and lazy marking. It took exactly 0.5 passes (i.e. before completion of the pass back) for the Irwin Furyometer to red line. Playing for the 2s he’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup.

So the stats – 4-0 win, Tatey, Buddha and 2 from the sneaky quietly creeping up the charts Adgey. Goal prevention this week brought to you by yours truly! But being The Man in Charge I’m the first name on the team sheet so do I give a rat’s posterior? Nope.

Report by Stephen Magee

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