Last Man Standing

 North Down’s LAST MAN STANDING competition resumes with the Premier League football fixtures on the weekend of 7-9 December.The contact to enter is Gareth McBride mobile no. 0770 1056380 or email to .

It’s simple to play if you haven’t done so before.  You pick a team to win in week 1.  If it wins you’re still in and you pick a different team for week 2 and so on.  Once your team fails to win you are O.U.T.!!

However, having used your skill and judgement and you have beaten off all your rivals, you scoop the prize pool which is 50% of the pot. The more who enter the bigger the prize fund and it’s a fun way to help keep subs down at their current ridiculously low level. 

 An entry form is available with the first six weeks fixtures and it includes the simple ground rules at the bottom but you don’t have to use the form as you can notify Gareth week by week instead.
It’s £10 to enter, but you can also play jointly with a friend if you want.

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