2023 Awards Night

The Club Awards Night and Dinner Dance was held at La Mon Hotel and Country Club last Saturday night and here’s the list of the award winners together with most of the photographs. Fiona Ellis was so overcome that she left the stage before a photograph could be taken and apologies to David Burch as not only did we have to present him with the previous 5th XI trophy but there was a fault with the photograph!!

Men’s Awards

Team of the Year                                 1st XI

Most Improved Young Player (U18)   Scott Graham

Most improved player in the club      Kyle Frazer

Top goal scorer                                   Sam Pyper        

5th XI Player of the Year                       David Burch       

4th XI Player of the Year                        Jamie McAuley   

3rd XI Player of the Year                       Sam Pyper

2nd XI Player of the Year                       Scott Moore               

Best newcomer                                   Reuben McIlrath 

Under 15 Player of the Year                Patrick Smith

Under 18 Player of the Year                Daniel Griffin              

1st XI Player of the Year                        Connor Tweedie

Club Member of the Year                    Ross Linter

Ladies Awards

1st XI Player of the Year        Alex Boyd

2nd XI Player of the Year       Megan Murray

3rd XI Player of the Year        Flo Rebbeck

4th XI Player of the Year        Caroline Boot

5th XI Player of the Year        Jill Jack

Young Sports Person Award   Hollie Davies

Billy Allen Trophy                 Kate McConnell

Coaches Cup                       Caitlin Taylor

Top Goalscorer                    Jenna Pliauga

Miller Award                       Fiona Ellis

Team of the Year                 2nd XI

Club Member of the Year       Maxine Taylor

2 thoughts on “2023 Awards Night

  • Terry Bailie

    My name is Terry Bailie and my wife and I have a coffee Trailer
    called The Jumping Deer. We are based in Enler Gardens Comber( overlooking Leisure Centre hockey pitches) . We were talking to Diane Boyd at Jordanstown last weekend and we asked her did she think North Down HC would be interested in having us at your Easter Saturday hockey competition . I don’t know if she mentioned it but we would love to provide our services. I know you would need to a speak to the Council for permission or maybe you already have provision for coffee in place. Our trailer is only 8′ X 5′ so we would slot into a small space. Thank you for your consideration.
    Terry Bailie

    • Jim Patterson

      I have emailed you.


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