Ladies countdown begins

Countdown diary from Laura Clarke.  First and foremost if you are reading this then thanks for reading my ramblings. Well you may or may not be aware we are playing in the Irish Trophy final in Dublin this Saturday! I have to say though if you aren’t aware you obviously don’t know me or any of the girls on the ladies 1sts very well as we definitely would have mentioned it to you…at least once.

It is 10.53 to be precise and I am showered and fed after our training session tonight. We trained up at Shaws Bridge for couple of hours with the men’s 1sts to get used to the water based surface , as this is what we will be playing on in Dublin and it is where the men play their play off on Thursday evening. Really hope the boys can get a result against the old enemy as they deserve another crack at the Premier League. We worked through some attacking build up play, shooting, short corners and finished with penalty strokes (let’s hope they won’t be required on Saturday).

The banter was great after the dinner dance on Saturday evening and the fact that Lucas had come to training dressed as a cross between an elf and a gnome. Apparently I am responsible for looking after her in Dublin, I get all the good jobs, thanks Coach Frazer!! Mercer had a rather dashing new pair of astros on, they look the absolute business but I certainly would not be wearing new shoes for the final. I am that superstitious that the girls have been lucky that I have even washed my kit between the previous 4 rounds!! I started wearing a new pair of (borrowed/stolen) under socks in January which coincided with an upsurge in form, just coincidence I am sure but they will be the first thing in my kit bag on Friday morning. Chrissie also has a new goalkeeping lid with fancy artwork but I have already told her she will be wearing her old one that she has performed all her heroics in so far for the final.

Premier Sports have supplied us with smart new navy polos for travelling to the final with the Club badge and “Irish Hockey Trophy Final Dublin 2014”. A really lovely gesture from Peter and Claire Shields and one that is greatly appreciated by all the girls and Davy.  Gave the tops out to the girls after training and excitement is definitely starting to build!!

Well I had better get on because as you are aware hockey is not a professional sport and I have to get up and go to my work tomorrow. Until later in the week folks take her handy!!

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