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Defeat for ladies fourths in final game of the season

Ladies 4xi met at UUJ on Friday night to play against Ulster Elks in their last game of the season.
Elks kept North down on their toes during the first half by constantly threatening to score. ND defence pushed the home team back many times but unfortunately relaxed for a split second allowing Elks to squeeze a goal in leaving half time score 0-1.
ND midfielders Karen, Julie, Erin and Abby battled hard in the second half trying different tactics in an attempt to feed the ball up to the forward line. Kirsty, Hilary and Annie tried to breakdown Elks defence but after several great runs our girls just couldn’t create an opening.
Home team became stronger  by torturing ND back line Anna, Katie N and Katie G who all put up such a great fight. Linda made many good saves but just couldn’t keep Elks, not surprisingly sitting third in the league, from adding to their score sheet.
Final score 0-4.
Player of the match Katie Nelson who simply didn’t give up.

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