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Fruitless trip to Ballymoney for ladies fouirths

North Down ladies fourths travelled to the Joey Dunlop Centre to play Ballymoney thirds on Saturday and returned to Comber on the wrong end of a 2-0 scoreline..

The Ballymoney girls were quick to start making their way through North Down’s midfield, dodging defenders, slipping the ball into a gap at the post and treating themselves to an early goal.

North Down retaliated with Lynsey Scott gathering up the cavalry with team members Kirsty McCrory, Karen Jackson and Abby McCague trying to pressurise the home team in search of a chance to equalise but they came up against a Ballymoney defence which was just too organised.

Ballymoney’s attacks were constant but North Down continued to defend tirelessly pushing them back out again. Erin Scurfield and Fiona Ellis were fast off the mark intercepting play down the left hand side and keeper Linda Marshall was on fire stopping the hard hitting attempts at goals.

The visitor’s defence had to withstand a series of penalty corners and held out resolutely with Marshall making super saves time after time but eventually Ballymoney’s dominance paid off and they added a second.

Karen Jackson in the centre of the pitch was tireless chasing down the Ballymoney midfield and helped keep the score gap to two goals.

Near the end of the game, the Comber girls came close to scoring when Lynsey Scott broke into the circle.  Instead of shooting, she choose to pass and unluckily for Lynsey the keeper intercepted stealing the scoring opportunity away from North Down.

PMB Player of the Match: Fiona Ellis

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