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Seconds in Irish Junior Cup semi final, apparently!

The predict-a-brick hovers for 60 ominous minutes above a brisk Shaws Bridge before impacting in an extinction level event scrubbing one self styled master race from the Irish Junior Cup leaving room for an altogether more cuddly and haphazard style of hockey-kind to rise from the embers in the shape of the glorious 2s as they move into the semi finals for the first time in Jim Patterson knows when!

2-0 down, but frankly unconcerned, the 2s senior leadership team (last census suggests it consists of all 14 players) put in motion halftime game changing tactics, namely the by-mutual-agreement removal of North Downs latest practically fully paid up (pending paperwork) member from the mid field and his banishment to the forward line and therefore mercy of one man execution squad Robbie “He Shoots, He Maims” Sinclair (today’s body count restricted to the unfortunate, and now ex, speedster Jonny Moore), that allowed their (the 2s that is, this is a long sentence) shrew-like proto mammal claws to grasp their once invincible saurian overlords by their collective throats and strangle out a 3-2 win.

Goals from the on day release Willis twice and the now fully-invested midfield refugee Andy Forrest.

Next stop the semis – be it up here or down there, non-attendance will attract the unwanted attentions of the Sinclair howitzer. You have been warned.

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