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Friday frozen frolics for fifths

North Down ladies fifths had YET ANOTHER Friday night away match!!!! However, at least they only had to travel to Bangor to play their seconds and this time the captain Julie Fisher didn’t get lost or leave any players behind – her New Year’s resolutions are working!!!

The pitch was beginning to freeze before the match even started so it was decided to play 25 minutes each way. Bangor attacked fast and furious from the whistle but the North Down defence stood firm.  The midfield worked tirelessly and put some good balls through to forwards Lynsey Stevenson, Ashley Hamilton and Hilary West and North Down won a corner. Julie Fisher passed it accurately out to West to fire home an explosive shot into the corner of the goal.

Bangor counter-attacked and their forwards were worthy of a place in the Olympic sprinting team, however, this attack resulted in North Down scoring again, but unfortunately it was an OWN GOAL with an amazing deflected lob dropping into the goal! Andy Murray would have been proud of such a lob, well done KB!

Thankfully the North Down midfield of Fisher, Greer and Murray took the pressure off the North Down defence and North Down were able to gain two more corners, one converted by Stevenson and one by Murray.

The score at half time was 3-1 and the pitch was freezing even more! It was decided to continue the match and a lovely pass from Karen Jackson found Stevenson on her own. She sprinted into the circle and volleyed the ball into the top of the net. Not to be outdone with Stevenson scoring two goals, West got her tally to two as well, and Ashleigh Hamilton also got her name on the score sheet (again!).

In the last two minutes Bangor attacked and the North Down defence, now dancing on ice let Bangor through for another consolation goal to make the final score 6-2 to North Down. Many thanks to Joanne Irwin for umpiring.

Report by Beverley Brittain.

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