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Fifths blown away at Elks

Last week’s was a dark and dismal match, this week’s Friday night match was wet, wild and windy!! North Down ladies fifth eleven travelled to compete against Ulster Elks 4ths in the Minor Cup at Jordanstown.
Not only was the weather dreadful, so were the navigational skills! Concentrating so much on talking tactics in one of the cars, some of the team’s members missed the turn off for Jordanstown, to be treated to a cultural visit to Carrickfergus Castle!! Thank goodness for sat nav or they might have ended up in Raphoe!
Once they finally arrived, the inclement weather whisked the team list out of the captain Julie Fisher’s hands but thankfully Karen Barker-Jackson put her high jump skills to good effect vaulting over the fence to retrieve the list! This was probably the only notable event of the first half of the match from North Down’s point of view! They were concentrating more on trying not to get blown over and finished the half two goals down!!
The second half was much better with North Down having their ‘backs to the wind!’ Once the ball had stopped being blown away from the starting spot, a few penalty corners were won, but opportunities were thwarted by the Elks’ defence. The Elks made the most of their attacks and added to their tally from the first half to go three goals ahead with North Down only able to pull back a single goal from Georgie Greer.
Final result, 3 – 1 to an Elks team who are just above the fifths in the league. Not to be despondent the team remains unbeaten in the league! Many thanks for ‘Snoopy’ Laura Soupie Campbell for braving the elements (chocolate bar to follow!!)

Report by Beverley Brittain.

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