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Mens seconds exit Irish Junior Cup in first defeat of season

Mens 2s sunk 3-2 in the Irish Junior Cup Regatta (Galleon Class) by higher ranked and irritatingly local Bangor 2s.

A soggy encounter where Bangor, benefiting from more challenging opposition in their Antediluvian run-in coupled with a slicker-than-ours short corner routine, probably just shaded it. We lost the game but probably just edged it in the mouthing-stakes thanks to our man at the mike Steven McGimpsey. We also nabbed the Fair Play Trophy despite the efforts of mild-mannered Kai Jenkins who inexplicably received his marching orders while gobby trouble maker McGimpsey stayed on the pitch. Congratulations Bangor, here’s hoping for a Munster away trip in the next round!

This weeks highs or lows depending on your POV:

Diving – McGimpsey. Knows when to go full-Drogba and always gets the decision!

Body Surfing – Adam Tate for his sliding “it’ll be a brilliant tackle or a red card” effort. Luckily it was the former and unlike Mr Walls, Tatey avoided having his victim land on him and as a result will be back next week.

Aqua-Babies – tall, apparently handsome (I’ve had the wife check) and good with kids (Carrie gives the thumbs-up). Step forward Capt. Tom Donnan. Get’m while he’s hot people (gender neutral because we’re all very modern on the 2s. But remember people the final decision must be Toms). Thanks for that Tom.

MVP – By unanimous decision (me and Irwin in the showers), the Pocket Hulk that is Andrew Boyd by a country mile. Useless at maths though because he doesn’t know the meaning of “50-50”. In Boydy-Matics “50-50” means “Boydy’s Ball”. A great all-round game.

Disappointing then, but it’s only a game and with any luck we’ll all be back next week and for many more to come. We had a minutes silence before the game to day and standing in the sodding rain all I thought was “boy, am I glad to be here” and I meant “here” in every way. We’re only coming this way once so whatever you do make sure you enjoy it. I enjoyed today.

Go well all.

Report by Stevie Magee – if you hadn’t guessed.

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