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Narrow win for seconds at Stormont

The Gods of Hockey looked down on a beautiful sun lit afternoon at Stormont, took one look at the fare on offer and promptly turned their backs and wept. “Best let them get on with it” they sobbed.

No probs, we brought our own divine hockey beings. The Buddha and his debutante buddy Buddha Too (sic). Our violent but silent Mars, The God of War, Andrew Boyd spending his afternoon assualting elderly Service left wingers. The magisterial Zeus-like Adgey presiding over a midfield comprising of looney Loki McGimpsey and exhausting to watch Cupid Adam Tate. And of course the guldering God of Thunder Irwin swinging the mighty Mjölnir in the back four. A real cultural mishmash of supernatural thingymagigs and just enough to prevail 2-1 over the heathen hoard of NICS. Off to Asgard

MVP this week? Steven McGimpsey even though you could fill a full highlights reel of him lying flapping around on the ground like a landed fish.

Finally, thanks to our personal Lazarus Jim Patterson for coming back and taking up the whistle.

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