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Seconds run Dale seconds close

North Down 2nds 2 – 4 Annadale 2nds

On a downer we now live in a world without Spock but on an upper we live in a world where Richard McMillan is prepared to fly back from exile, Mark Shannon laughs in the face of medical science, Adam Tate will unleash another one goal blitz and (formerly) mild mannered midfielder Alistair Hunter will go ice cold cream banana whips on his opposite number all to try and make amends for one of the hockey crimes of the century in our return fixture against Annadale.

We may have yarded towards Relageddon (new word!) but at least we’re attempting to meet our doom with a little style.

Three down after 20 the mood was “it’s Ground Hog Day, damn you and the airline that brought you here Rickstar” (nothing to do with his performance but it makes good copy). A jammy “oh well, why not” lob off the back of an Annadale error barely celebrated because of general gloominess ironically planted the seeds of confidence that grew as the half drew to a close.

Self belief was further enhanced after Mockey’s stream-of-consciousness halftime rant so much so that Tatey felt suitably reinvigorated and presumably medicated enough to re-enter the fray and unleash another goal making him, unbelievably, our top scorer from our last three outings. Go Tatey!

3-2! In the ascendancy! Enter stage-right (as we looked at it) Jim Patterson. Imagine being picked out unmarked mid-circle by a pinpoint Allen Irwin pass. Imagine then going around the “landed fish” keeper to face an empty net and contemplating the nature of your celebration. Now, throw imagination aside and resort to gasping astonishment as you are cut down from behind during the act of scoring (shooting doesn’t do it justice) and awarded another go at an already discredited short corner routine. In the Wrath of Khan The Shat falls to his knees and screams “Khaaaaaaaan”. I scream “Jiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmyyyyyyy P”.

Oh well. Final result 4-2. One step closer to one step beyond.

Thanks to the genetically engineered scoundrel Jimmy for umpiring.

Live long and prosper all.

Report by Stevie Magee.

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