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Priorians home record falls

After a frantic Saturday morning if trying to find another player and an umpire North Down ladies thirds were finally on their way to Priorians seconds. North Down got off to a strong start and used the width of the pitch to their advantage and spent the start of the first half in the attacking circle. Priorians were very quick on the pass and soon fought back and had their fair share of attacking time on the North Down defence.

Play went back and forward from each end and each team had a number if chances to get the first goal of the game. North Down’s first goal came from Jo Irwin who cracked the ball into the circle from the right hand side where it found Judith Orr’s stick and placed in into the back of the net. Priorians were determined to even the score before half time and spent the remainder of the first half in North Downs defending circle. The visiting teams defence stayed strong and cleared each ball as it came into the circle until centre back Emma Gowdy decided to stop the ball with her foot instead of her stick right on the edge of the circle giving away a penalty corner just before half time which was quickly cleared by first runner Sacha Bell.

Having not lost a home game yet North Down knew Priorians would be out to win in this second half so North Down upped their own game and gained their second goal of the game from a straight strike at a penalty corner from Emma Gowdy. Throughout the second half Priorians had a few more chances to score from penalty corners but these were all saved by goalkeeper Fiona Emerson. North Down tried their hardest to get another goal in before full time but they were unsuccessful but the girls were very pleased to leave Priorians with a 2-0 win. Massive thanks to all the girls for playing and especially to Jo Irwin and Krista Blanchflower for umpiring
Player of the match- Anna Smith

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