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Seconds just shade it over Bangor, apparently!

Mens seconds not exactly smash but more deep sports massage the notorious social grenades that are Bangor seconds into submission with an innovative Willis stoke inducing two-right-no-left-midfield formation – brainchild of the extravagantly relaxed and expensive looking Robbie Sinclair who, wielding a frankly confused looking Harry McKeown as his instrument of shape-rogering miscommunication, still found the time and energy to finally gain the much sought after approval of compact defensive R2 unit Shea Kelly.

What the hell does all that mean I hear you ask? Could it mean that the twos beat the seaside rascals 4-3? Is there a chance that Tom Myles casually rounded the Bangor keeper to slot home, that Gippy rained destruction on backboards paid for out of public coffers not once but twice or that the lesser (but more and more frequently) spotted Chris Speers continued his run of corner rippers and hence spared us the nerve jangling horror of the Kelly drag bobble? Could it also be confirmation of Reece Glover’s return to active duty and that his appearance enabled twos property mogul Adgey to liquidate his property portfolio like the Man in Charge had started to make more? As Hong Kong Phooey would say, “could be!” or as anyone that was there would say, “yeah, that’s what sort of happened…and it rained”.

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